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The Neurotoxin

Neuromodulators such as Botox, for those unfamiliar with the treatment, primarily fight dynamic wrinkles in the upper third of the face. While an injectable neuromodulator improves many of the same symptoms as Botox, the two treatments are not perfect replacements of one another. Also, many patients have questions about how a neuromodulator works and which treatment they should have in order to enjoy the best possible results. We’ll answer these questions here so you can come in for your treatment at our practice confidently and quickly enjoy the rewards.

How does a Neuromodulator work?

Neuromodulators are an incredibly effective treatment in the battle against dynamic wrinkles, the lines which form whenever we make facial expressions. When we laugh, squint or frown, our muscles naturally flex and fold the skin. These stress lines can eventually become permanent as we repeat these expressions daily throughout our lives. They can become
permanent, but if you want to smooth these lines away, you have options, and one of them is Neuromodulation.


The neuromodulator relaxes the muscles which receive the injections. Once your muscles relax, you will instantly see smoothing in the skin affected by these muscles, and virtually instant rejuvenation. You can improve the wrinkles you have and also prevent new ones from forming. Treatment is fast and comfortable, and your resulting look can be easily maintained through periodic follow-ups.

How does a Neuromodulator differ from dermal fillers?

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A neuromodulator is an injectable treatment, like dermal fillers, but the similarities stop there. As we’ve mentioned above, it  rejuvenates the skin by relaxing the muscles leading to “dynamic wrinkles.” Dermal fillers, on the other hand, provide their rejuvenation by restoring lost volume to the skin as well as boosting collagen and elastin, the internal building blocks of the skin that sustain healthy skin tone and hydration. Because these two products work differently, you can have them together and enjoy comprehensive benefits in a single facial rejuvenation session.

What are the Benefits of Neuromodulation?

  • It can shave years off of parts of your complexion and leave you looking more youthful and vibrant

  • Produces subtle but natural looking feature enhancements that will never look frozen when done correctly

  • In addition to smoothing existing wrinkles, it can prevent new wrinkles from forming in the same area

  • There is virtually no down time involved in these injections, so office visits can be easily fit in to your schedule

  • The injections are virtually pain-free


Per unit.             $9

100 units            $8

Hyperhidrosis     $500

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