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Reduces Aging Effects

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As we begin to age, our skin naturally begins to lose collagen and elasticity. This can cause droopiness around the eyes, midface, jawline, and neck. There are many procedures that can reduce the effects of aging, but they require anesthesia and significant recovery time. At NV Derma, we offer a non-surgical procedure to lift and restore loose and sagging skin called PDO Thread Lift.


PDO Thread Lift is a treatment where threads of Polydioxanone (PDO) are inserted under areas of loose or sagging skin to increase the tension in the skin and encourage the skin to naturally produce more collagen.

Ideal candidates for thread lifts include:

  • People with minimal signs of aging who need just a small lift. Good candidates are those patients who are starting to see some droopiness of the brow, cheeks, jowls and/or neck and would like to see a lift effect, but do not want the risk, scars, or recovery of a real browlift, facelift, or necklift operation.

  • People who have had some relapse from a previous plastic surgery procedure such as a facelift or neck lift.

  • People who do not wish to undergo a surgical facelift or necklift for various reasons such as not wanting a prolonged recovery of a stand facelift or do not wish to spend money on an expensive facelift.

What is the recovery like after a Thread Lift?

Pain can be usually managed with acetaminophen (Tylenol) and/or ibuprofen (Advil). You may have mild swelling and bruising for few days. We recommend avoiding strenuous activity for few days.

What kind of results can be expected after the PDO Threads and how long does the results last?

The result of the Thread Lift is immediate and even more noticeable after 1-2 weeks when all the swelling and potential bruising has resolved. The results will continue to enhance as your skin produces even more collagen over the next several months which will also make the results of the thread lift last longer than the life of the threads. More threads can always be inserted down the line to continue to improve the results and prolong the results even more. If you choose to have a more intensive surgical procedure or facelift at a later point, this can be done without any problems as the PDO sutures will be absorbed completely without leaving any kind of scarring.

What are the side effects of the Thread Lift?

Like any procedure using a needle, there is a chance of bruising and swelling. However, in most people, the bruising and swelling is minimal and resolve in less than a week. There is some post-op discomfort which usually resolves quickly in most patients. If the sutures, for some reason, become visible underneath the skin or migrate, it can be easily removed if necessary and new threads can be placed.


PDO threads starting at 500$
Mono threads starting at 150$

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