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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at the most frequent questions asked by our clients. If you prefer, Book a Free Consultation with us and we can help you to clarify all doubts you have about our treatments and the best option for your needs. 

1. How can I check services prices?

Go to the Services Page select the specific service you are interested to get prices about. At the bottom of the page, you will find prices information.

2.  How can I know specific information about a service I am interested in? 

Go to the Services Page select the specific service you are interested in to get more information. Each service page displays important and useful information. Please, read it carefully. If you still have questions, contact us

3. How can I book a consultation? 

It is quick and easy to schedule your consultation online. Click here to Book your Consultation.

4. I would like to do a skin treatment to boost my look and feel; but, I am not exactly sure about what I want, or even what I need to be done. How do we proceed in this case?

You can book a free consultation. It is the best way to explain your concerns and doubts! Our specialist, Nurse Amanda, will be able to help you clarifying all your questions and identifying the best procedure for you. Book your free consultation here.

5. I need to do something about my hair loss. How can NV Derma help me?

We offer hair regrowth therapy with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). We collect the patient’s blood and centrifuged it at varying speeds until it separates into three layers: platelet-poor plasma (PPP), platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and red blood cells. After the blood has been spun, a material with the highest specific gravity will be deposited at the bottom of the tube. This material (PRP), with its powerful regeneration properties, is used in PRP treatment. PRP works by stimulating inactive hair follicles into an active growth phase. Book your free consultation today! We would be able to proceed with treatment the same day. 


6. Do you offer submental liposuction?

Yes, we do. However, the treatment we use is not invasive like liposuction. It is called PCDC. Typically, this depends on how much adipose tissue you have and treatments range between 4-6 with permanent results.


7. About the PDO threads, I am 29 years and unsure if this procedure would be recommended at my age.

Regardless of your age, threads are always a good idea!


8. Do the NV Derma team members have credentials and certifications to operate skincare treatments?

Amanda Beadle, the Head Nurse Injector, is certified by the CNO (College of Nurses of Ontario). She is specialized in minor cosmetic procedures and minimally invasive body treatments. Experienced for seven years in nursing, three years of them in aesthetics. Amanda was trained by Allergan, Prollenium, and Galderma. 

9. Will a full facelift also give a lift under the chin & the neck?

We can help you with your chin and neck issues. We have an array of services that could be applied to it. Book your consultation today!

10. I am interested in the thread lift treatment but not sure which one I need. I'm 44 and my main concern is the lining below my mouth at the sides.

We can set you up for a consultation with our doctor. You would be able to proceed with the treatment at the same appointment if you would like. Threads would be an option for this type of concern.


11. Is the PDO Thread a service recommended for men?

We do offer threads for both men and women, book your consultation and we can evaluate your specific need and offer the best solution for your case. 


12. What is the office address? 

5558 Manotick main


13. What is the difference between Threads and Fillers?

Fillers and threads differ in that: threads will help lift sagging skin and fillers will help restore and volumize depressions. It can also help with lifting in specific areas. For us to let you know which treatment would be best suitable for your specific needs, it would be imperative to come in for a consultation. During that time, we can give you a quote for the price. If you decide you want to go ahead with the treatment, we would be able to do that immediately after the consultation.

Do you still have questions? Contact us!

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