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Micro Needling

While it may sound like something out of a horror movie, the "vampire facial" is actually based on solid science and rapidly evolving technology that leverages your skin’s ability to rejuvenate and relax deep wrinkles, acne, and blotches without surgery. The vampire facial procedure is based on the natural properties of your own blood to revitalize new growth under your skin and give you a more youthful and fuller face. The key is your own blood, which is withdrawn, processed to isolate a specific aspect of the blood, and re-injected via microneedling.

Multi-million dollar professional athletes have been trusting this treatment for the repair of physical injuries and the stimulation of new growth for years. Now you can avail yourself of this proven technology to smooth your skin and increase your glow. A small sample of your blood is taken in the office and put in a centrifuge to separate out the plasma from the red blood cells. This plasma is loaded with platelets containing powerful growth factors that promote new structural proteins for firmness and new blood vessels for improved skin health and resistance to new wrinkles. The serum is then injected just under your skin using extremely thin micro-needles.

Some redness and swelling may occur for several hours, but will generally dissipate in no more than two days. Over time you can experience 10-15% more volume to your face, and this could last years.

Procell Therapies

Procell Therapies is a versatile micro needling treatment that uses surgical-grade stainless steel needles to produce micro-injuries across the surface of the skin, stimulating the body’s process of natural healing and producing collagen.

The controlled skin injuries produced by micro needling send the skin into a repair mode that triggers the body to produce new collagen as well as elastin, which is another protein found in the skin that provides our skin with desirable elasticity.

There are three steps to an NV Derma Vampire facial:

  1. Nurse Amanda will withdraw your blood and insert it into a centrifuge to isolate the part that contains your own human growth factors.

  2. She will then perform a microneedling procedure, creating a series of tiny punctures in the skin that stimulate the skin’s natural healing process to produce healthier, younger looking skin.

  3. The blood is reintroduced to the skin, seeping into the tiny series of holes in the skin, further accelerating the tissue re-generation process.

What parts of the body can be treated?

It can be used on nearly all parts of the body, with the areas most commonly treated being:

  • The face

  • Neck and decolletage

  • Arms and hands

  • Legs

  • Chest

  • Abdomen

  • Back

Treatments paired with micro needling

The tiny needles also open temporary channels in the skin through which additional active healing products or boosters, such as Vitamin C, Retinol, and TNS (tissue nutrient solution) can be applied similarly.

  • Is the Vampire Facial Safe?
    Yes! Despite its spooky name, a Vampire Facial is completely safe. A Vampire Facial is minimally invasive and only a tiny amount of blood is drawn during the procedure, via your arm. The microneedling is also safe, simple and effective; the skin will be numbed prior to the Vampire Facial and most patients describe microneedling as the feeling of ‘sitting next to a warm campfire. It is a non surgical treatment, but produces surgical results.

What is this treatment?

Autologous Conditioned Plasma (ACP) is packed with hundreds of growth factors, somatic cells, and cytokines known to stimulate cell repair and regenerate skin. Pairing this potent concentrate with our Procell device creates a truly exceptional treatment. This treatment can be performed on the face, as well as the rest of the body for skin rejuvenation.


One session: 450$

Save 300$ with our Package Price: 4 sessions for only 1,500$ 

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